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Ear Piercing


Why Bramhope?


About our Ear Piercing

Get yours ears pierced in a safe, sterile nvironment using only the best equipment and the finest jewellery to elevate your ears appearence.

Express Your Individuality & Make a Stylish Statement

Ear Piercing

Feel more polished and put together with pierced ears, giving you the opportunity to show off your personal style and taste. Express your personal style and individuality by accessorising to create unique and exciting looks. Ear piercings can also help create a sense of balance and symmetry to your face by being strategically placed to complement your natural facial structure.

We use superior ear-piercing technology created by industry leaders, Caflon. Their British-made precision instruments enable us to deliver a safe, comfortable experience in a relaxing environment.

Piercing (pair)
Choice of earrings
& after-care solution

Our Treatments

Focusing on health and well-being, our emphasis is on bringing out your natural beauty.
Understanding the connection between inner wellness and outer appearance, our clinics are
nurturing spaces that leave you feeling rejuvenated, full of confidence and looking your best.